LET IT ROLL 2015 is here!!!

OK, so after a year, there is again so awaited party from many musicians, producers, djs fans and dancers of course. I am very proud to be part of the machinery. Shouts and respect to organizers, hope they will arrange everything well, and the weather should be as good as you on the LET IT ROLL SUMMER 2015!

My DnB cooperation with Nora

We started to produce a new track with my sister. She is really great singer in my opinion. I hope we mix well the vocals. Track is already done, with some small details todo. I am still thinking about make a final mix in the new studio, but who knows when it will be ready? :) I will paste the final track here of course.

New studio room

I have just started to rebuild my studio room from the base. Hope it will bee soon, because there is many of todos with the recisntruction.

Precise Deviant Live on the Let It Roll 2014 - 10th anniversary

Let It Roll is one of the biggest open air festivals in Europe. The organizers and crew is always preparing whooping stages with many great artists. I am really looking forward this gig and I thank organizers for possibility to be part of. Hope to see you there...;)

Upcoming party

LetItRoll Code Stage warmup
This weekend 11th of July 2014 at Storm Club Prague. LetItROll warm up techno party - Code stage for the Let It Roll open air festival. I invite you to the Storm Club 3 weeks before the openair festival - the biggest the loudest...;)

Shura – Touch - Precise Deviant Remix

So after a weekend of being in the studio I made the final master for my Shura's Touch remix. The song was so inspiring. In addition to classic synth I used also the Yamaha Clavinova piano sound for breakdown sweet feeling and I think it passed really well into the mood of whole track. Here is the version, which I today uploaded to SoundCloud. Hope you will enjoy this kind of d'n'b track.

Shura – Touch

Did you ever heard song, which made your day better? And the other days too? About two month ago was released a song named Touch, from talented artist named Shura. This unique track, is someting between the 80s maybe 90s atmosfere nad modern chillin melody..Shura shows how to make a song with spirit and I felt totally under this piece. Her voice is sooo inspired me, to make a remix, with the feeling of energy and freedom..

Listen to the original song, which is in my opinion one of the best song I have heard for last few years.

Smart devices as a MIDI controller?

Hi again, last couple of weeks I played around with some of midi utilities for iPhone and iPad. Some of them were really unusable, withouth any logical and user friendly interface but I have also found few apps which - in my opinion - can help you in the studio, or live-set perforamce. It is also good to say i used it with the Ableton Live, and during tests was for me important to have as much control possibilites in one view..Exactly not too much, because of limited display capacities..;)

Its important to say...these apps are used as a WIFI MIDI controller. After download of the APP via Appstore it is often needed to download some "bridge" Utility to your Mac or PC and connect devices together.

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DNB Liveset mix on Mixcloud

After few months of being very busy, I have found some time to mix few of my tracks. I made in this case some remixes of my old tracks and tried to mix it up togehter..full mix is for listen here:

Tracklist: DNB Liveset mix on Mixcloud

Nord Lead 2X Remote for Ableton Live

For all Ableton Live users and owners of the Nord Lead 2x, here comes the integration for Max Live.
As the developer Piet Kaempfer (Protonica) said: "It was inspired by the "Total Integration" feature of Access Virus I asked myself how to transfer this idea to other hardware synths. Combining the high quality sound of hardware synths with Ableton's production studio capabilities. Integration is a nice way to use your hardware (again) and (re)discover it's beautiful sound"

I have to say, that after few minutes of instalation steps, the integration is fully working and now I have some more possibilities to use with the Nord Lead 2X hardware.

Basicaly you need to download these three files

Sysex Bridge download here
MAX player for LIVE download here
Nord Lead 2X by Protonica.amxd download here

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