Nord Lead 2X Remote for Ableton Live

For all Ableton Live users and owners of the Nord Lead 2x, here comes the integration for Max Live.
As the developer Piet Kaempfer (Protonica) said: "It was inspired by the "Total Integration" feature of Access Virus I asked myself how to transfer this idea to other hardware synths. Combining the high quality sound of hardware synths with Ableton's production studio capabilities. Integration is a nice way to use your hardware (again) and (re)discover it's beautiful sound"

I have to say, that after few minutes of instalation steps, the integration is fully working and now I have some more possibilities to use with the Nord Lead 2X hardware.

Basicaly you need to download these three files

Sysex Bridge download here
MAX player for LIVE download here
Nord Lead 2X by Protonica.amxd download here

Hot to setup the integration:
1. Download and unzip the "Nord Lead 2X SysEx Bridge"
2. Download and install Max Runtime (free) for the SysEx Bridge
3. Open the "Nord Lead 2X SysEx Bridge.maxpat" with Max Runtime and select the MIDI Ports your Nord Lead 2X hardware is connected to
4. Download and drop "Nord Lead 2X by Protonica.amxd" on a MIDI track in Ableton Live
5. Drop an "External Instrument" to the right of the Nord Lead 2X remote. Set the MIDI and Audio routings according to your setup
6. If you want to use the 4 Layers of the Nord Lead create 4 MIDI tracks and repeat instructions 4. and 5. (check the MIDI Channels aswell)
7. Settings on your hardware:
- Connect 2 MIDI cables to the MIDI Input and MIDI Output from the Nord to your Audio/MIDI Interface
- Global MIDI Channel: 16
- MIDI Channels of the Layers (ABCD) must be the same as set in the "External Instruments"
- Program Change: On
- Control Change: On
- Local Control: Off (to avoid glitches)

Clavia Nord Lead 2X or Clavia Nord Rack 2X
Ableton Live with Max for Live
Mac or PC