Smart devices as a MIDI controller?

Hi again, last couple of weeks I played around with some of midi utilities for iPhone and iPad. Some of them were really unusable, withouth any logical and user friendly interface but I have also found few apps which - in my opinion - can help you in the studio, or live-set perforamce. It is also good to say i used it with the Ableton Live, and during tests was for me important to have as much control possibilites in one view..Exactly not too much, because of limited display capacities..;)

Its important to say...these apps are used as a WIFI MIDI controller. After download of the APP via Appstore it is often needed to download some "bridge" Utility to your Mac or PC and connect devices together.


So after couple of free and demo downloads, installing of bridges setting up MIDI controls and at the endalso deleitng unusefull apps, I made a decision to download full versions of these two great APPS.

Livkontrol and the MIDI Designer.

For both of these apps apply one thing that catched my eye from the begining. Interface looks clear and well arranged.

If I make short review of Livkontrol.
I dowloaded this app both for iPhone and iPad. You have to use the bridge utilty to connect, but its really easy, and all you need is to visit this webpage and follow steps written there.
This app is litte bit based on some known HW controllers from AKAI (APC 20, APC40). Its well arranged and in the clip view you cas see also the names and colors od clips so its really handy. There is also possibility to map free faders and buttons, but these ar not only in one view so you have to swipe with two fingers to view them. This point of view I have found now so great, but if you practice it it can be also heplfull. I started to use it as an easy clip launcher, where is available whole area with clips in the project. This is done very well. At this time is not for me so imporatnt to swipe between screens and use it as a sample launcher or some beat machine. In this case I use it mostly on my iPad, where is the size also very friendly.

The second one app is - as the name suggests - more editable. Midi designer is great app for creating your own midi control scenes / screens, with all possible midi controls. You dont have to download any bridge app - it uses a AUDIO & MIDI utility, provided by apple utilities. You can arrange knobs, XY, faders, buttons and so on. Advance of this app is, that you can change sizes of each element on the screen, attach them names and functions. During change of any of value is visible a metter with numbers, so you know exactly what is happening.

The common question is if it is comfortable or its limited to have no real knobs but "only" touch controlled solution. I use both apps with real controllers and I can say sometimes you have to remind, that you cannot move what you want so comfortably..